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Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's been so long...

So it's been awhile since my last post....I mean a long while. I kind of got caught up in the new media of Facebook and Twitter for the last couple of years. Anyway....I still am homeschooling my 2 kiddos. This year I have a 5th grade boy and an 11th grade girl. Oh my~!! It seems crazy to me that I could have a 16 year old kid!! I don't feel like I am old enough to really have a kid in 11th grade. Oh well...I do!! We started this year off with a bang. I was really excited to start school this year. Summer was very busy and chaotic and I really like busy and structured. So we jumped in and got started the last week of August.
This year my 11th grader is doing GBT 3 through Escondido Tutorial Services. This year the main focus is the Medieval period. She is also studying her 2nd year of Greek and taking a biology class. She is finishing up Algebra 2 and U.S. History from this summer. She is on the Mock Trial team at our private school and she dances 6 hours a week.
My 5th grader is doing Ambleside Online year 5. This is includes History, Geography, Biography reading, Nature Study, Natural History, Literature, Grammar, Bible, Art Study, Composer study, Plutarch, Shakespeare, Poetry, Hymn study, Folksongs, Latin, French and Math. Something new this year for him...I enrolled him in a Beginning Writing class at our private school. He is also taking Ballroom dance, Hip Hop dance and choir.
I took up a little side job at the dance studio where my daughter dances. I am the volunteer coordinator for the Nutcracker production. This helps pay for the many hours of dance that my kids take. I am thankful for the little that it helps and I enjoy my time at the dance studio. So that is it for now...hopefully it won't be so long until the next post.

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